All about JMU and our Be the Change campaign

When James Madison University’s communications and marketing office first began talking about how Madison professors, students, alumni and donors have been changing the world, our staff members knew we’d have a lot to say. Through the years, in so many ways, on and off campus, Madison’s people have embraced the idea of change — finding their own ways to make a difference in the world. On March 15, 2006, the university’s official Be the Change website,, was launched to showcase shining examples of this world-changing spirit.

This blog features interesting, inspiring, innovative and creative people who are changing the world — one person, one project, one program, one life at a time. They are scientists and artists, humanitarians and environmentalists. They are specialists in technology, energy and media. They are engineers and performers, citizens and businesspeople, medical professionals and soldiers — and they are engaging in their local communities and in worlds far away from home. Along with many stories on the JMU website, this blog is the place to learn about exciting things that our university community is doing.

The Be the Change blog is a forum for news and updates on Madison’s world changers and their stories, and more!  Perhaps you’ll find the name of one of your former JMU classmates, professors, or students here. Perhaps you’ll find information on compelling programs and projects that are making a difference in the world. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to join and help them.

Perhaps you have your own story of positive change to share. If you do, we would love to hear from you. You can have a part in writing the story of change!

So tell us. What JMU people do you know out there who are giving of themselves, thinking beyond the ordinary and delivering positive change?  Email us at or post a comment on this blog.

Let us hear from you!

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