Wilson in snow

Exam week is almost over. Preparations are underway for December commencement on Saturday. Students are packing up to travel home, and others are eager to graduate. Soon the campus will be quiet and empty.

Two snowfalls early in the week covered the valley and the campus, lending a little excitement for students who had never seen snow, like freshman Alyssa Berman (’17) from Florida. Her roommates rousted her out of bed, eager to see her reaction to her first snowfall. For others, the snow hinted at the holiday festivities coming and of the opportunity to see friends and family, and to rest for a few weeks.  For some, like Joe Balsamo (’15) and Chris Bell (’15), the snow was a reminder that Snowshoe or other snow-covered slopes were waiting for them at the semester’s end. For others, like Emily Thyroff (’14) from Rochester, N.Y., the snow — and especially the cold — just felt like home.

This is wrap up week. Professors are tallying final grades, and the roads leading away from campus are filled with departing students, going home from “home.”

For this blogger, this will be the last post of 2013. Already, though, I’m excited about some stories I’ll be sharing next year — like Emily’s trip to Australia and Joe’s research and Alyssa’s (and her friend Marissa’s) experiences with the National Center for Women and Information Technology. And I’ll be telling you about one young alum who was in the Phillippines during the recent devastating Hurricane Yolanda (Yes, Yolanda.)  All stories are about positive change. The best part of working on a university campus is the endless supply of interesting, energizing, engaging people. And this blog is theirs.

As we wind up the year, JMU’s Frank Doherty, director of Institutional Research and photographer, captured the snowy campus this week. Looking south from Burruss Hall, Keezell, Wilson and Maury Halls with their distinctive cupolas stand above the sparkle of lights on the quad.

It was too beautiful a photograph not to share……

Photograph by Frank Doherty

Photograph by Frank Doherty

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