Quite enough

232328 The Quad in the Snow-1002Who knew that when we changed the background for this blog to the Bluestone and red-tile-roofed buildings of campus covered with snow that we were previewing a winter to remember — at least as far as goes the snow.

Here in Harrisonburg, we’ve had plenty. More than plenty. Enough to make even the most diehard winter lover long for spring. Enough cold to almost freeze Newman Lake. And (we can hope) enough sub-zero nights to kill the brown marmorated stink bugs that have proliferated recently.

It’s  been a winter to remember. A winter that forced the university to close for four days — a number not matched since the “Big Snow” of 1962. That year it was worse. Really. That year we had three feet of snow — a full meter up at Big Meadows. Local schools were closed for two weeks. And Anthony Seeger’s parking lot was cleared for military helicopters to land as they flew up and down the valley, rescuing stranded motorists. It was worse, but so what! That was then. This is now. We’re tired of winter. We’ve had quite enough.

wilson_snowWe all need a rest from snow and cold and wind, from chapped lips and cold hands. Students — many off on Alternative Spring Break trips this week, serving a multitude of communities  — are longing for walks across the Quad and hikes across Carrier Bridge from East Campus that don’t involve icy precipitation and winds that threaten to freeze their ears. It’s time for boots to retire and for Keens and Birks to emerge. We’re ready for change. It’s time for flowers to replace snowflakes. For blue skies and sunshine. Kites and beach towels. Tank tops and shorts.

It’s time.

So today — just in case there’s a correlation with our background picture and with a sincere wish for spring — we’ve retired our snowy reminder of winter at James Madison University. For good….or at least until NEXT winter.

What should come now?  What should the next background photo be? What campus image would you choose?

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2 Responses to Quite enough

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh no. This year I finally got to ski 4 days out of 7 every week for 2 months! Please do it again!


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