Record setting change

232182 Guinness World Record for the Most People Dancing the Hokie Pokie using Hula Hoops-1170A couple of weeks ago, a whole lot of people of all ages and sizes donned orange T-shirts and gathered on James Madison University’s campus to attempt a  world record.

Their challenge? To have the most people do the Hokey Pokey with hula hoops. Why? you ask. (Keep reading!)

The event, dubbed N-2 Hoops, was held on the university’s hockey field under blustery skies. In addition to lots of students and kids, the event brought out Jon Alger, JMU’s president,  Harrisonburg’s Mayor Ted Byrd (’90M), and the superintendent of the city’s school board, Scott Kizner. N-2 Hoops also garnered lots of support from local businesses and organizations, including frequent and enthusiastic community supporter James McHone (’73).

The participants grabbed their hula hoops, lined up, and danced.

In the end, they failed. No new Guinness World Record was set that day. But in the most important aspect of the day, they succeeded.

The entire event was staged to benefit the Roberta Webb Child Care Center. The center serves the community by providing affordable child care. Of special significance is the center’s sliding fee scale, which provides a quality and affordable child care option for the community’s “working poor.”

232182 Guinness World Record for the Most People Dancing the Hokie Pokie using Hula Hoops-1014But that’s not all Roberta Webb Child Care Center does.

The city itself is unarguably one of the most culturally diverse in the commonwealth, therefore, the center serves a diverse population. According to the United Way website, RWCCC serves: 2.6% Asian, 2.6% African, 7.7% Turkish, 10.3% Hispanic, 25.6% Caucasian, 25.6% African American and 25.6% Bi-racial. Some of the children are non-English speaking , therefore opportunities at the center improve their language skills, giving them a boost when they enter school. The center also provides two meals a day for the children, an assist to their families as well.

It is perhaps significant that JMU, a center for education, and a diverse community like Harrisonburg, join forces to benefit children and their families. After all, these children are the future of both entities — and when the two join, everyone benefits.

Learn more about Roberta Webb Child Care Center and the people who make it thrive at their Facebook page.

Photos by JMU’s photography department

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