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ABOGJustLogo5-26-111-300x293Grief. Grief. Grief. Grief………

……. It goes on and on and on. Sometimes it feels like it will never end. They say it’s a process, but no process should hurt so much. Especially not in Newtown, Connecticut. Especially not at an elementary school. Especially not at the beginning of a new school year.

As the teachers and students return to Sandy Hook Elementary School, and as they and the families with absent members continue to grapple with their grief, memories of last year’s tragedy will, no doubt, trigger unexpected aftershocks.

When those come — as they surely will — one JMU-linked organization will offer a special brand of comfort.

Food. Comfort food.

ttamlogotoptight-2Take-Them-a-Meal, the online meal sharing website started by JMU alumni Scott Rogers (’00, ’02M) and Adina Bailey (’99) in 2008, will team up with Katrina Didot, owner of Harrisonburg’s A Bowl of Good restaurant, to organize, prepare and deliver meals to the faculty and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

It’s their way of saying Love Never Stops. 

We’d say it’s Being the Change.

For each $50 donation made to the program, A Bowl of Good will prepare a meal to feed 4-6 people. Then Scott and his team will deliver the meals in late September. (Smaller donations for portions of meals are also welcome.) Any leftover funds will be donated to Sandy Hook Elementary School.

love-never-stops-sandy-hookThe TakeThemAMeal team includes: co-founder Adina, the website’s COO; Melissa Jenkins (’98), the customer service representative; and  Maureen Whitebread Witmer (’05), director of outreach and engagement.

Maureen, an SCOM graduate, moved back to Harrisonburg several years ago when her husband Andrew Witmer joined the faculty of JMU’s Department of History.  Melissa is married to Brad Jenkins (’99), adviser to JMU’s award-winning student newspaper, The Breeze. And Scott is married to Shaena Conlin Rogers (’00,’02M).

In addition to offering the program, all three families are donating meals.

Signing up is easy. A click here and a click there. Enter your information and a personal note for the people of Sandy Hook, and you’re all set. It’s simple — and important. After all, who doesn’t understand the value of a good meal to comfort someone who is hurting.

I count seven JMU people already signed up. How many more Dukes will sign on?  How much comfort can we give?

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  1. Ginna says:

    Martha – What a wonderful and worthy story!


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