Can you connect the dots?

Can you connect the dots?  James Madison University in the company of Financial Times, Huffington Post,  Army Times and The Breeze. What’s the common denominator?

Here’s a hint: I found this graphic on the website of our own Be the Changer Justin Constantine (’92). Justin is the common denominator. His story or writing has been featured in all of the above.

Justin’s story is flat out inspiring. Gravely injured by a sniper’s bullet only weeks after deploying to Iraq in 2006, he fought a courageous battle to rebuild his life. But it was never all about Justin. With his then-girlfriend Dahlia, now his wife, by his side, Justin took a challenge and turned it into inspiration — one that continues to transform others’ lives as well. He has supported and assisted countless other wounded soldiers. It has been only six years since his life was forever altered, but in that time, he has accomplished remarkable things.

This week, I was in touch with Justin. I am excited to give you an update on him and tell you about an exciting new venture he has started.

Justin works full time as an attorney for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That’s his day job. In the evening, he recently enrolled in a master of laws program at Georgetown University. He continues to work with the Wounded Warrior Project and sits on the board of directors. Compounding his commitment to these noble men and women, Justin also is a member of the congressionally-mandated Department of Defense Recovering Warrior Task Force.

And as if all that isn’t enough, Justin reports that he recently launched his own inspirational speaking business. Through this new venture, he shares his personal journey and what he has learned to thousands of people during speaking engagements all over the country. Once again, he is having an impact. Once again he is changing lives.

Mike Haynie, executive director of the Institute For Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, says: “Justin’s story is both powerful and inspirational. By sharing his experiences, Justin is able to help others see a path to overcoming obstacles that they’d previously perceived as insurmountable. It’s an empowering experience that should not be missed.”

Personally, I can’t wait for Justin to visit JMU sometime with his message of unsinkable hope and courage.

You can read more about Justin and his work by clicking the embedded links above.
Learn much more about Justin’s new business venture at  www.justinconstantine. com   And don’t miss the video provided. You’ll get a taste of what Justin has learned and what he shares about overcoming adversity. You can also follow Justin through his blog, accessed through his website.

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