The Class of 2012, part 2

Ben Schulze

Every day this week, we’re showcasing seniors we’ve met through the Be the Change blog.  As a group they represent the more than 4,000 students who will receive their degrees on Saturday. We asked them about their Madison Experience, how it has changed them and the best and worst parts of graduating from JMU.

“I have been shaped…..”

Ben Schulze of Catharpin, Va., is an integrated science and technology major and part of a team of ISAT students who traveled to Costa Rica to conduct an extensive energy assessment at Punta Leona resort. He will graduate Saturday with a bachelor’s degree in integrated science and technology and a minor in computer science. Following graduation, Ben hopes to continue his education.

He writes: “JMU has deeply changed my life.  I have been shaped into an open-minded, confident and resilient individual by all of the experiences I have had and the people I have met a JMU.  JMU has presented me with many challenges and many opportunities, and I have used both to my advantage to develop into a strong individual. The best part about graduating is the opportunity to seek new adventures and start the journey of my career. I love to learn, so the worst part about leaving JMU is that I will not be able to have any more classes.”

Scott Dovel

“JMU has awakened me…..”

Scott Dovel of Keezletown, Va., began his JMU career under difficult circumstances that required a brand of strength and determination that few of us are ever called on to muster. But he persevered and looks forward to graduation.

Scott writes: “JMU has awakened me from my small town roots into seeing a greater potential for myself that I would have never conceived otherwise had I not gone to college. Choosing to go to college four years, instead of transferring from a community college, allowed me to experience more. I met a lot of people from different areas in the United States and world with different beliefs and opinions. I gained priceless knowledge throughout college that has helped me begin to shape myself. I am beginning to understand that I know nothing about anything, but I am always learning.”

After graduation Scott says he won’t miss tests. He adds, “I also think getting paid to work rather than paying to do work is great. The worst part of graduating is leaving knowing that there is still so much that I would like to learn.”

Scott will graduate with a degree in kinesiology with a concentration in sport and recreation management and a minor in business. He plans to pursue his interest in recreation management at the Outdoor Learning Center at Horizons, Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center, Camp Horizons, and by supporting Job Corp Adventure Programs, a U.S. Department of Labor program, through Horizons Youth Services

On deck tomorrow…..Matt Burton and Peter Epley

(Photos provided by Ben and Scott)

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