Art and activism

Steven Webber of Harrisonburg has nominated his wife Jade, a current JMU student working toward her MFA in painting, for Be the Change. Steven writes that Jade is an artist and environmental activist who merges her talents and interests for the benefit of others. Steven writes:

 “Jade has started several non-profits in her life, though she is only 24 years old. Last year, in three weeks, she rallied a small group of dedicated activists to raise enough funds to buy and install two solar panels on local housing for the homeless in Las Cruces, N.M. This project was named one of the top ten in the nation by during last year’s 10/10/10 day of global climate action. [ is a grassroots effort addressing climate change.] This year as an art project to stop climate change, she started a movement called ‘We The People Choose To Be Meat Free for One Month.’ A Belgian official said, ‘If everyone in Flanders (a province in Belgium) does not eat meat one day a week, we will save as much CO2 in a year as taking a half million cars off the road.’ Jade has been collecting names and signatures for several weeks and already has over 100 people from around the world participating.

“She and I co-ordinate Wellness Immersion Retreats in Italy and the Caribbean.  The retreats are held in sustainable farms and centers around the world to connect writers and artists with sustainable models for the future. She teaches yoga and breath-work for healing as well as painting classes on the retreats. She has changed the world of each of the people she has touched through these projects — from the activists she inspires to make changes to the students in her painting and yoga classes.  Anyone who has known her has been touched and changed by her. She would be a wonderful ‘Madison person’ to be featured on the site.”

To learn more about Jade’s current project, visit
You can also learn more about Jade, her passions and her art by exploring her website

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