Every Duke’s lament and the Madison Experience, Part Deux

You woke up one September morning and realized you were a JMU senior. How did it happen so fast? You could not believe that you were mere months from graduation. Wasn’t it only yesterday that you were meeting your freshman roommate, finding your first classroom, signing up for clubs — and your JACard was brand, spanking new? Only yesterday.

This is the universal Duke lament.

For most seniors, graduation is an event that every student works toward and anticipates. When it suddenly looms, though, it prompts decidedly mixed feelings. You are eager to start your life, to jump out into the real world, to try your wings, but the finality of it — and how quickly it has arrived — gives you pause.

For once in your life, you wanted life to stop, slow down. Part of you really did not want this college experience to end. You wished you could hold on to that Madison Experience forever.

Well, now you can.

This week JMU’s Alumni Association is rolling out JMU LOVE. It stands for JMU Leadership of Volunteer Engagement. Think of it as your Madison Experience, Part Deux.

Here’s how it works.

Through participating in on and off-campus opportunities, alumni will rekindle their Madison Experience in any number of exciting ways. For instance, if as a student you were part of the JMU Ambassadors, you can reconnect with that group and plug into activities on or off campus that will recreate your Madison Experience. Imagine joining forces with some other Ambassadors you worked with while you were here — and meeting new ones — to jump start the Madison Experience for soon-to-be-freshmen at a freshmen send-off in your state or town.

Many campus organizations are ready and waiting to extend your Madison Experience. Check out the Alumni Association website tomorrow to learn much more about JMU LOVE.  Here’s the link: http://www.jmu.edu/alumni/involved/jmulove.shtml

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