A twofer in Baltimore

JMU alumni clean up Baltimore's Inner Harbor

When is an alumni event more than an alumni event?

It’s not a trick question, but it’s one worth considering. It is what the Baltimore/Annapolis Alumni Chapter did this spring.

When these enterprising alumni got together in March, they used the event for a greater purpose. Teaming up with the Living Classrooms Foundation, through a Living Classroom Wetlands Restoration Project, chapter alumni spent a Saturday helping to cleanup the Baltimore Harbor.

It was a great way to visit and to have an impact not only on the harbor but also on the environmentally important and imperiled Chesapeake Bay. You could call it a twofer alumni event.

Rebekah Porter (’03), the chapter president says, “It was great to see recent and past alumni get together and take a few hours out of their Saturday to help give back to the community that they love so much.  Nearly 5,000 JMU alumni live in the Baltimore area.  In this project, alumni got down and dirty by picking up unwanted trash and debris that was ruining not only the aesthetic of the Baltimore Harbor but also contributing to the overall pollution of the Chesapeake Bay.”

Baltimore/Annapolis Alumni in Baltimore's Inner Harbor

For their efforts and more, the Baltimore/Annapolis Chapter was named the Alumni Chapter of the Year during the annual Madison Alumni Conference held this past weekend.

The Chesapeake Bay, of which Baltimore Harbor is part, is a complex, fragile, endangered and critical ecosystem that supports thousands of living organisms. Its health, ultimately, is critical to our own. Hundreds of organizations, groups, clubs, schools and institutions are working to save it. JMU’s alumni group is one of many — but that’s the point. One group, one person, one club can’t do it all. It takes two, three, four …. hundreds and thousands.

But equal to the immensity of the task is the importance of work these alumni performed. It is how the Bay is saved and how the world is changed for the better.

To learn more about the Baltimore/Annapolis chapter, visit: http://www.alumniconnections.com/olc/pub/JMD/cpages/home.jsp?chapter=16&org=JMD

And to learn more about the clean up efforts in the Chesapeake Bay and ways to get involved, visit: http://www.cbf.org/Page.aspx?pid=1000

(Photos courtesy of the Baltimore/Annapolis Alumni Chapter)


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2 Responses to A twofer in Baltimore

  1. Thanks for the recognition and a big shout-out to Eve Brecker ’09 who played a major role in making this event happen!


  2. Shell Hite says:

    Awesome post, Martha!! GO DUKES!!!
    Stay tuned for an article about the Baltimore/Annapolis Alumni Chapter’s harbor clean up in the Fall (August) issue of Madison magazine, which hits the mail the second week of August. Way to go Baltimore/Annapolis Dukes! YOU ROCK– Michelle Hite (’88)


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