Networking for the greater good

Not too long ago, we heard from Marcy Honnold Morrison (’91).  Since leaving

Marcy Honnold Morrison ('91)

Madison, Marcy has made a career out of helping others accomplish their hopes and dreams. As an author, speaker and career consultant, she gives people tools and encouragement to find jobs and ultimately to improve their lives. Through the company she founded, Careers With Wings, and through volunteer work, Marcy changes lives.

She serves on the board of Just Like My Children Foundation, which fights poverty and self-reliance in Uganda. Closer to home, she mentors young people as they transition out of foster care into independent lives through an organization in her hometown of San Diego called Just in Time Youth.

I was struck by something Marcy had to say in our recent correspondence — about what can happen when one person joins another. Marcy wrote:  I have had the realization that I can be a part of a bigger change by joining a team. What she expressed, really, is networking for the greater good.

It made me think. What skills, talents and motivations might you have to join a team to promote the greater good? One person can move mountains. One person can change the world. So just imagine what can happen when people join forces, when they network for the greater good. We saw that in February when the members of Alpha Phi got together to raise money for heart research. In fact, we see it all the time on campus in groups both official and unofficial. Students are great at pooling their talents and time for others. It is the power of one multiplied by many.

Networking often refers to business. It’s “who you know” when it comes to job hunting. True. But isn’t it also true in the area of helping. I see it everyday as Be the Change people discover new allies in their efforts to improve the world and to make the future brighter for others.

So who do you know? What network will you join? Who can you team up with for the greater good? We would love to hear about it!

Read Marcy’s profile at:

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