Kittredge (’00) setting records, being the change

Justin Kittredge (’00) works at Reebok International in Canton, Mass., in the basketball division as a senior product manager. A basketball junkie his whole live, he recently broke the Guinness World Record for the most basketball free throws under two minutes.

Records are one thing, being the change quite another. Justin and his wife, Lindsey, founded a non-profit in Boston that coaches, educates and mentors young men and women through the game of basketball. They are working on a new ‘Sabbatical Program’ that will grant graduating college seniors the rare opportunity to experience a 10-month international, independent study in Africa and China, its mission being to give back to the global community through the sport of basketball. The Kossengwe Foundation in Nigeria, the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders Program in Senegal and Team Yao and the Yao Ming Foundation in China are Shooting Touch, Inc.’s overseas affiliates. The sabbatical nominees will work within each organization supporting the program goals of using basketball to influence positive social change in each country.

A different way to make a difference!


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