Gina Anzuini (’03)

Our office recently heard from Gina Anzuini about how she has used adversity to make a difference:

“In 1999, after my first semester at JMU, I sustained a traumatic brain injury through a life threatening car accident. After a year of rehab., I returned to JMU. I graduated from JMU Dec. 2003 in social work and have since finished a master’s in rehab. counseling. I am currently a certified rehab. counselor and work at a rehab hospital. I work with people with various disabilities. I also work with people who have also sustained brain injuries. I occassionally disclose my own story to inspire my clients.”


One Response to Gina Anzuini (’03)

  1. Robert Demichelis II says:

    Gina, thank you for being an inspiration to the persons with brain injuries. In fostering positive recoveries, it can be critically important to find dedicated role models who are willing to share their own personal challenges. I have found that the personal touch is especially helpful in surmounting many of the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social barriers to active participation. Finding your message has made a positive impact on me today.


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