Pamela Kempton (’77) nominated

Sandra Delawder nominated Pamela: “Now Science & Innovation Mgr at natural Environmental Research Council, Head of Terrestrial & Freshwater Sciences. Responsible for research in hydrology, hydrogeology, ecology, biodiversity, environmental & health, environmental genomics & proteomics,
sustainable water mgmt. Is a Isotope Geochemist, received PhD. from SMU, participated in Leg 153 of Ocean Drilling Program/purpose to recover lower crustal gabgros from mid atlantic ridge near kane fracture. Sr Scientist with NERC Isotope Geology Centre an Affiliate of British Geological Survey. Did Post Doc work at NASA in Houston. Taught at The Open Univeristy in England. She has been with Polaris House North Star Ave Swindon SN2 1EU in the United Kingdom. Has published and been part of numerous publications thru National Environmental Research Council (NERC), Programs Mgr and part of CPB Mgmt Committee.


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