nomination for Jennifer Eignebrode ’94

Sandra Delawder nominated Jennifer Eignebrode: ” She attended grad school at U of Indiana. Has most recently been a post doc at the Carnegie Institution of Washington’s Geophysical Lab. She is a geobiologist studying organic geochemistry of Geological Materials. She has also participated in a few collaborative projects focused on understandng carbon cycling in themantle, testing life-detection techniques for the next two NASA Mars Landers & differentiating carbon signatures of moder life, ancient life & non-biological processes in sedimentary & crystalling rocks. Has worked for the USGS in Denver. Has worked for EAPS Dept of Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She does NASA Missions and field work thru Carnegie. Done field expeditions on Artic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition in Europe and The Cedars, Sonoma County, CA. She worked on her Ph.D. at Penn State in the Dept of Geosciences. While at Indiana she received a Shell Oil Fellowship.


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