Kruck, Susan

More than one person appreciates Dr. Susan Kruck’s work on the JMU campus:

Lisa N. Ha says, “As a faculty advisor to JMU’s Knitwits and Sign Language Club, Dr. Kruck is making a difference in the world by mentoring hundreds of young women at a crucial point of their development. Far from home and surrounded by many unhealthy social pressures, many young women have come to see Dr. Kruck as a positive female role model. As the Sign Club advisor, she helps raise awareness and foster relationships between hearing and Deaf culture, especially important with the large Deaf population in Harrisonburg and Staunton. Dr. Kruck encourages young women to achieve by assuming leadership positions, a lasting lesson that follows them in their post-college careers. Where others may dictate and give orders, she encourages students to use their own problem solving skills and is supportive of their decisions. She is engaged and compassionate. Her door is always open to club members who ask for her help, and has guided club leaders through some very difficult life lessons that many older adults would have great difficulty handling. If every professor used his or her time to make a difference in the lives of JMU students as Dr. Kruck does, we would be assured that every JMU
student would graduate with the skills to lead and serve their communities with competence, wisdom and compassion.”–March 9, 2007

And Faye Teer had this to say:”I nominate Dr. Susan Kruck for the Be the Change award. She is the most hard-working and passionate faculty member I know. Being a two time graduate of JMU, Susan has a history of promoting JMU as the best school to anyone who will listen. Being student focused defines the person I am nominating.

It is easy to see Dr. Krucks dedication to students. Susan serves in the capacities of faculty advisor to student organizations, faculty friend, Freshman Reading Program, and Conversations with Faculty. Last year she was nominated for outstanding advisor. She is an inspiration to those students that come into contact with her. Dr.
Kruck helped coach several students at a national conference in 2005. It was very impressive for JMU (our teams came in first or near the top) as this was our first entry in this national event. In addition to excelling in the classroom, she continues to mentor her students after they leave JMU. As exemplified by being named a Madison Scholar, her leadership in research makes Dr. Kruck an asset to our department. Susan Kruck embodies the spirit of JMU!”–Feb. 15, 2007


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