Bane, Sarah “Betty” Umphlette

Sarah Williams, submitted this nomination for JMU alumna Sarah Elizabeth “Betty” Umphlette Bane ‘52:

“What cooking with Betty Bane?” Her long standing column in the
Halifax County newspapers shares tips and information learned at the
Home Management House at Madison College, her views on life, thoughts
on her family and given any chance she insists that the best and the
brightest from Halifax County must go to JMU.

And she has been the change for so many lives by showing them it can
be done. Need to raise money to create the Halifax County War
Memorial? Betty Bane picks up the phone and it is done. Plan a
remodeling of the oldest building in Halifax, ask Betty Bane to
organize it – it will be done!

And quietly, she is the one who reaches out to the young people to
restart the 4-H Club when she worried that the local young people
were not learning manners and clearly needed to know how to make the
best homemade oatmeal cookies – not from a box – but from scratch.
Home Management House would be proud.

Need to organize a homes tour and create a plan to beautify Main
Street Halifax with the help of the Women’s Club? Call Betty Bane.

In her incredibly effective way, never wishing for the spotlight,
Betty Bane has shown the way of a life of giving and service to her
community and to young people who always want to go to JMU after a
conversation with her.
–nomination received Oct. 20, 2006


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