Mitchell, Roberta

Kristen Schiavone appreciates Dr. Roberta Mitchell’s world-changing efforts:

“Dr. Mitchell has worked as a professor, a mediator, an administrator, an attorney, and a minister. In each of these different jobs she has significantly impacted the lives of many people in need. I have only personally benifited from her teaching, mentoring and advising. She allows students at JMU to proactively engage themselves in education instead of being constantly talked at as many teachers resort to. She also puts herself out for her students even when it means sacrificing her own personal ambitions. She is the best teacher I have ever had because she insists I actively persue knowledge in and beyone the classroom. She cares for each and everyone of her students as individuals and encouraces innovative thinking. She also continues to learn and grow herself to set an example for others and to bring her new learning into her classroom. If anyone I know has changed the world she has!”–submitted March 20, 2006


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