Marlier, Noah

William Tragert wrote to us about Noah Marlier’s world-changing spirit:

” While Noah Marlier (‘02) was attending JMU he was known to me, and by many other students, as the ‘guy who knew everyone’. He constantly made people feel important, welcome, and liked. It was weird that when I barely even knew Noah he knew my first and last name, my University involvements, and most importantly, how to make me feel good. Being a member of Student Ambassadors and 1 in 4 with Noah also taught me how compassionate and thoughtful he really is. I was able to see first hand how he truly cared about others, put them first before himself always, and constantly influenced his peers. His accomplishment of winning Mr. Madison his senior year confirmed that he not only influenced me but most students at JMU.

After college, Noah became a high school teacher in Richmond. The way he still keeps in touch with former colleagues and students assures me that Noah’s impact on others while at JMU was not a fluke but a way of life.

For the past two years Noah has been serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi. In his frequent emails to friends and family I was able to hear about how Noah was not only impacting JMU students, or Richmond area high school students, but also people half way around the world. He spent a great deal of time working with citizens of Malawi, teachers, and students to improve their quality of life.

Currently Noah is waiting to hear back from schools to see where he will be studying law next fall. With aspirations to go into politics it is certain that Noah will continue his streak of positively influencing everyone he comes in contact with, all over the world. Perhaps the most noteworthy accomplishment is how Noah was able to study for the LSAT tests and take the test, all while serving in a third world country.”–submitted Dec. 6, 2006


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