Jones, David

Dannie Diego let us know about Dr. Jones:  “It is my distinct pleasure to nominate Dr. David Jones for bridging the gap between JMU political science students and the real world of Washington DC. Dr. Jones has been the professor in charge of the JMU Washington Semester for the past few years. Speaking as a past participant, Spring of 1998, I only wish that Dr. Jones had been the supervisor professor then. When JMU started the program it was pitched to us students as the opportunity to live and learn in Washington, D.C. When I participated on the program, we spent a great deal of time with each other, but we didnt meet any alumni working in the area. And upon graduation many of us obtained our jobs in Washington, without having a great deal of connection to the city other then through the internship we worked. Dr. Jones has taken the JMU Washington Semester experience to the next level by not only encouraging the participating students to take advantage of the resources of the city, but also by engaging and involving alumni to participate in the semester by acting as mentors, panelists, and speakers. This has given JMU political science students something not even the best education can give, the value of an established network of professionals that share with the students one common bond, James Madison University!

Dr. Jones first reached out to me in 2001 to speak to the students about the U.S. House of Representative and for careers in Washington, D.C. I have happily lent my time to the program ever since then. Through Dr. Jones efforts a multitude of alumni remain interested and involved in the University at a time when most of us could just leave our college experience behind. By asking us to contribute our time and expertise as professionals, we continue to add to our JMU experience post college. Over the years I have gotten to know many JMU Washington Semester students, and many of them have become friends, not just students, of mine. All of them have said to me how much their experience on the JMU Washington Semester was enhanced directly by Dr. Jones. You do not have to look far to see the impact of Dr. Jones work with the JMU Washington Semester. You can see it with the number of JMU alumni who are now employed in various areas of government relations, whether that be in the Congress, the Administration, or lobbying/ advocacy sector. I have no doubt that many of those students are in those careers because they were connected to alumni, through Dr. Jones, who were able to give guidance, advice, or even a referral.

And speaking as an alumni, the experience of speaking to the students has enhanced my own professional life because I know that once or twice a year at a panel discussion I will have the opportunity to meet other JMU alumni who are also involved in government relations. Washington, DC is a city built on relationships and networks. Dr. Jones understands this, and understands that one of the greatest bonds between two people can be James Madison University.

Dr. Jones has not only been a wonderful professor and attentive supervisor, but he has been a wonderful ambassador for the University. Many professors may have looked at this semester simply as one where students are immersed in learning the practicalities of political science and government affairs by interning, taking classes, and maybe occasionally going to a museum, then return to business as usual back in Harrisonburg. Dr. Jones sees the program as an opportunity to reach out, to change the notion of division, that the college is a microcosm, then you go into the real world, or for the alumni that college is something you leave behind once you get your diploma. He IS THE CHANGE the bridged the divide bringing students and alumni together and enhancing the name and reputation of James Madison University in Harrisonburg and beyond.”–submitted Oct. 2, 2006


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  1. gillisjc says:

    Anna Balishina also nominated Dr. Jones: “He has done an amazing job to promote and develop the Washington Semester and connect students and alumni in the Dc area!”–Sept. 9, 2006


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