Gallon, Elizabeth

Angela Fusco let us know about Elizabeth Gallon:

“Elizabeth (Liz) Gallon has changed the world by her smile, laugh, and never-ending compassion for others. As the coordinator for the REACH PEER EDUCATORS, Liz has taken a strong leadership role in which she embodies the entire spirit of what it means to be a REACH PEER. Reach of course is JMU’s reality educators advocating campus health. We facilitate programs on body image, stress relief, alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, and soon to be mental health. Liz also takes an active role in helping prevent the spread of AIDS and other STDs by facilitating speaches, attending local, state, and Nationwide conferences, and being an HIV counselor at our University Health Center. She is also a strong advocate for substance abuse prevention. Where she actively takes part in the Kin100 classes where she helps facilitate the effects of alcohol on the body, lets just say Liz is no stranger to the “drunk goggles”. Liz also partakes in such events as The DUke is Right (during orien!tation week) where she was an excellant “blue light” and she helps out with the Senior Class Challenge as a Challenge Captain and part of the steering committee. Anyone who meets Liz will know these things for sure, she is passionate, compassionate, and a HUGE WVU fan. People dont just meet Liz and forget her, they remember her, they remember that she is passionate about AIDS awareness and the GBLT population, that she will be the first one to correct you if you make a racial slur or a prejudice comment, she will also be the first one to hold your hand and help you up if you fall. Liz’s amazing attitude toward life and her humor that runs through and stays with everyone she meets, is a wonderful beginning to start the change needed in this world. A change for the better. I thank God everyday that I have Liz in my life, not only because she is always willing to listen, and offer the soundest advice, but because she enjoys staying in on Friday night to watch Law and Order SVU! with me. To end, Liz Gallon leaves with people a sense ! of belonging, a sense that they matter, and with that people will become empowered to change the world the way she does, one person at a time. I love my best friend, Elizabeth Claire Gallon.”–submitted March 20, 2006


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