Duckworth, Lillian

Geary Cox let us know about Lillian Duckworth:

“Lillian Duckworth, while away from JMU, is a single mother of one and leader in her church community. Yet it is her work while at JMU that has an equally profound and lasting impact on Madison and its students. She is often the first face to greet visitors to the Center for Multicultural Student Services in Warren Hall, and it is a task Ms Duckworth relishes. Her unending enthusiasm makes her a perfect compliment and cornerstone of a place students call “a home away from home”. Each year, when CMSS invites students to come make use of the Center, Ms Duckworth is the shining face and warm laugh that greets them. She charges others to be leaders in CMSS organizations, across campus, and in their own lives. Her faith and personal resolve to support her family and also return to JMU for her degree is remarkable story inspiring to everyone she encounters. Indeed, it is her constant love and support for students of all backgrounds and futures that inspires many and draws all to return.”–received July 25, 2006


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