Deschamps, Colin

Sandra Delawder wrote in to let us know about Colin Deschamps:

” Colin wrote a great personal statement for his applicaton to JMU. He described the international nature and experiences of his family, the
international countries he had lived in due to his fathers positions
with a variety of international agencies. His visits to his extended
family in France and Spain. Colin graduated from JMU and entered VA Tech for a graduate degree in the dept of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering which he completed in May ‘06. He plans on going after his doctorate in public policy or international affairs. In 2005 he completed an internship in Tajikistan putting in handpumps on existing boreholds. Afterwards he went and travelled through all the “stans” as he put it. He has also been on a committee that spoke in the Middle East regarding desalination and met Yassar Arafat. Colin wrote to me recently and said that he is in NY City through the end of December working for the International Crisis Group.”–submitted Oct. 16, 2006


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