Culligan, Thomas McNulty

Gabriela Andino wrote in to tell us about Thomas Culligan and his work on Capitol Hill:

“Thomas Culligan served as former president of the Student Government Association during fall 2004-Spring 2005. In his term as president, he dedicated himself to the students and the spirit of JMU. He inspired and coordinated an event to link JMU students with the Harrisonburg community by creating a fun filled program named JMUbuliee. Its success in the spring in 2005 has lead to the second annual JMUbuliee to be held on Saturday March 18th 2006. He also started an innovative HOV parking program, installed various blue lights all over campus among other things. His focus was always on the students, always looking for areas of improvement. Now, as a former president, he is starting a JMU Alumni chapter in Capitol Hill; where he currently works as legislative aid for Congressman Petri (R-Wisconsin). With the help of Doctor Jones, he is creating a network that will incredibly facilitate and link JMU political science graduates and students with job and internships at the Hill. If! you have ever gone out to the market place looking for a job, you will definitely know and appreciate the power this program can have in changing your life after college. His network has already linked 15 people together to combine efforts in ways to improve the job prospects at the Capitol for future JMU Alums. I hope my testimony serves as proof of how Thomas Culligan has helped the world at JMU be a better place.”– submitted March 20, 2006


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